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Quality Therapy & Rehab is  currently seeking candidates for physical therapist jobs, physical therapy clinic staff and administrative. We invite you to browse our openings and apply online today!

The Physical Therapist is a member of the home care team who provides rehabilitation care to the clients as requested by the client and, when required, as prescribed by the physician and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and the policies of the Agency.

  1. Possesses a degree from a baccalaureate or masters program in physical therapy approved by an accredited organization.
  2. Is licensed to practice as physical therapist within the State of Texas.
  3. Has at least two years of appropriate experience as a physical therapist.
  4. Community/home health experience is preferred.
    Complies with accepted professional standards and practice.
  5. Possesses and maintains good physical stamina and mental health. Has presented a preemployment screening including a negative TB skin test and/or CXR and other tests as required by the Agency.
  6. Possesses and maintains current CPR certification.

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