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At QTR, we are championing programs for individuals who are in the Senior/Disabled, low-income demographic. These individuals have, as a general issue, multiple chronic illness, physical challenges, and or cognitive issues which create the need for significant healthcare activities on a nearly daily basis. Often, the chronic nature and number of co-morbidities, along with cost, inconvenience, and confusion related to our healthcare delivery system creates an overwhelmingly difficult environment for this group of individuals who need healthcare so badly. QTR, along with the facilities in which these people live, is creating a unique solution by developing a comprehensive primary care, and ancillary healthcare program for services paid by insurance with NO out-of-pocket expenses for those with Medicare/ Medicaid products. No other programs like this model currently exist in San Antonio, We take pride in providing the most effective plan of care to our senior/disabled.

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Our Services

Our Services: PAIN RELIEF for multiple musculoskeletal problems involving all body regions.

Use of modalities: Ultrasound , E-stimulation, Moist/Hot pack, Traction , Manual Therapy

Individualized hands-on therapy

Advanced manual therapy

Balance rehabilitation

Fall prevention


PAIN RELIEF for multiple musculoskeletal
problems involving all body regions

Treating nerve related pain – such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome